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Eastern Woodland
Longhouses and Wigwams


Eastern Woodland Tribes settled in the North East corner of North America thousands of years ago. Some tribal names are Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Powhatan, Mohican and many more. These tribes learned to live among the forests of the Eastern part of the country. They used the trees to help them live. They made canoes, fishing nets and spears to help feed their families. They also used the trees to build their homes. The Eastern Woodland tribes built their homes near their gardens of corn, beans and squash. Because they were not going to be moving constantly they could build the sturdy homes.

The Powhatan and other tribes built LONGHOUSES. Longhouses were made of logs and bark. There were rooms on each side of the long building and up to 20 families could live together.

The Delawares and other tribes built WIGWAMS. Wigwams were made of bent saplings covered with bark. They were round, one room houses for a family.

Click on the links below to view some pictures of LONGHOUSES and WIGWAMS.


wigwam drawing and info

NE Wigwam

Drawings and photos of both

Longhouse and wigwam photos & info

Parts of a Longhouse

Eastern Longhouse

Homes of the past

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