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The Plains
Earth Lodges and Teepees
(The word "teepee" is spelled many different ways.  Tipi, teepee, and tepee are ALL correct, but for this site, it is spelled "teepee.")

The Plains tribes lived in the middle part of the country. The land was dry, grassy and made of rolling hills. Some of the tribes that belong to the Plains are the Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, Blackfeet, Comanche, Pawnee. These tribes were Hunters. Before they had horses, they walked to hunt but when the Europeans introduced the horse they were able to move much more easily. These tribes hunted Buffalo or Bison and other animals. These animals were their main source of food so they had to move with the herds.

On the Southern Plains, tribes lived in EARTH LODGES. Earth Lodges were made of wood and covered with sod, or dirt and grassy earth. These were rounded on top and would actually grow grass on top of the lodge!! There was a hole at the top so that the smoke from the fire could get out.

The tribes that were moving with the Buffalo lived in TEEPEES. A teepee was a cone-shaped tent that was made of long poles tied together and covered with the hide or skin of the Buffalo. The top was left open so the smoke from the fire could get out.

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Teepee photos and info

The Plains Culture

Teepee Gallery of cool photos

Earth Lodge photos (Scroll down the page to view photos of what an earth lodge looked like on the inside.)

Earth Lodge photos

You WILL NOT want to miss this Earth Lodge!

If you liked the one above, you'll love this!

Even cooler!

A good look

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