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Southwest Tribes

Pueblo Adobe

The Native American tribes in the Soutwest lived in hot, dry, desert country. Some of the tribes were called Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo,Western Apache,and Zuni tribes.

Like the Eastern Woodland tribes, they raised corn, beans and squash. They rarely had rain for their plants and crops so they had to live near water. They built their homes out of ADOBE.


ADOBE is made of grass and clay to form sun-dried bricks. These tribes were sleeping in caves on cliffs and mesas. They decided to build their villages on the existing cliffs with adobe. Pueblos were made by stacking stone slabs and adobe bricks and packing mud into the grooves between them. Once this was done, the walls were painted with a mixture of plaster and paint.

The word Pueblo was given to this group of tribes by the Spanish explorers. Pueblo means "village" in Spanish.

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Parts of a pueblo

Southwest culture

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